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We love to document our sailing trips with short films, each on average only five minutes long. For a complete insight into all our videos you can check out our YouTube channel 'Sailing Whiskey Romeo', if you like what you see

please feel free to subscribe to our channel 

(for this you need to make your own youtube account). Below a selection of our most recent videos.

Sailing to Den Oever in heavy rain

We sail from Makkum to Den Oever in the rain, where we admire the Leemans Gemaal before enjoying delicious fish at the Viscentre ’tWad.

Light breeze to Stavoren

We sail out of Makkum for a short sail to Stavoren with the hope we will see the Olympic swimmer Maarten van der Weijden during his heroic attempt to swim the 195 km elfstedentocht.

Champagne sailing to Medemblik

In general we try to sail as much and as far as possible each weekend. This time we sit out the rain in Makkum and then depart late in the morning to Medemblik and are rewarded with some fantastic champagne sailing.

We shelter from the storm at Terschelling

We sail to Terschelling. After viewing the Brandaris lighthouse, we visit ’t Behouden Huis. During our stay the coast guard brings in a stranded cruiser and we prepare for the storm.

We ride the Vliehors Express

When visiting Vlieland an absolute must do is to take the Vliehors Express - a truck ride over the so called Sahara of the north down to the southern most point of the island, viewing on the way the firing range the survivors house and a view out to Texel.

Seaweed cheese on Vlieland

Although Vlieland only has one village and no dairy cows on the island, it does boast a fantastic cheese maker, housed in the old underground water reservoir now called the Vlielander Kaasbunker (cheese bunker). We climb the path to the lighthouse beside which is the bunker and visit the cheese maker, who tells us how he started his business and made seaweed cheese!

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