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New KiKa campaign for 2019

We finished our last blog published on the 2nd of October 2018 after having completed our trip around Britain with the statement:

“What is next? For Roland the question what's next - what a lifestyle, how can we continue? For Leontine all is possible except another crossing of the North Sea.”

Well you won’t be surprised to hear that neither of us have resigned from our jobs, to sail off to a new exotic location - nor have we sold our house, but nevertheless we love to talk about the future possibilities of new sailing voyages both near and far.

It took considerable effort for both of us to get back in the rhythm of life on land - funny how a few months at sea on a sailing boat can change perspective on all sorts of things. Anyway six months have passed and we are now both used to going to work on weekdays. This winter the boat was hauled out in Lelystad and Roland spent most weekends sanding all the old layers of bottom paint off the hull and then retreated it with two layers of primer and three layers of antifouling paint.

As you know during our trip round Britain last year we raised more than €4,000 euros for our favourite charity KiKa (children's cancer research). The experience of combining our love of sailing with fund raising gives a very satisfying extra dimension to our free time.

So this year we have started a new campaign for KiKa called “mijlen zeilen voor KiKa” (sailing miles for KiKa). This campaign is driven by our desire to sail as much and as far as possible, whilst knowing that we will only be able to sail in the weekends. Also the chance of a sailing holiday for a few weeks this summer is uncertain due to developments at Rolands’ work outside his control. So we are hoping to find generous sponsors who will commit an amount per sailed mile (1.82km), or alternatively sponsors who would like to donate a fixed amount.

Both choices can easily be selected on our site via the menu choice KiKa2019.

The log mileage at the beginning of the season is 2.678

For those of you who want to sponsor per mile here is the photo of the log showing the starting mileage of 2678 miles. Of course we will give you an update to the mileage for the season in our future blogs.

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